Our Philosophy.png

The inception of Traska was motivated by our vision to create sport watches that enrich the lives of those wearing them. Coupling robust construction with a timeless aesthetic, the result is a watch that will last a lifetime and thrive in any environment. Whether you’re scuba diving Darwin’s Arch, rock climbing Half Dome, or diving into the pool to save a drunken party guest, a Traska watch is a companion worthy of any adventure.

Our Story.png

We are an independent American watch brand with a passion for exquisite detail and a commitment to excellence. Unmoved by the shallow ethos peddled by luxury brands and weary of fast-fashion offerings designed for obsolescence, we seized the opportunity to establish a legacy.

We craft world-class wrist watches that combine classic design and contemporary engineering. Our drive — to inspire those with discerning tastes to seek more from the watch on their wrist.