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Our first watch to feature a true traveler’s GMT complication, the all-new Venturer seamlessly displays two time zones at once. No matter where you go, this is a companion that will always feel at home.

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The only thing that might compete with the view you’ve earned at the top of your next peak is the sunlight dancing off the stainless steel on your wrist. Robust yet captivating, the Summiteer brings the classic field watch into the 21st century.

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The Commuter is up for anything — it’ll shimmer in the sun during your morning jog and soak up the street lights after the evening’s cocktails. Deceptively strong, 100 meters of water resistance is concealed within its unapologetically understated frame.

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With a hardened stainless steel case water resistant to 150 meters and virtually impervious to scratches, shocks and hangovers, the Seafarer is engineered to enhance your next escapade — whether you're snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or diving into the pool to save a drunken party guest.

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Some would say 200 meters of water-resistance is too much for an average day at the beach… but you’re not interested in average. Built to weather the elements and still last for generations, the Freediver can handle the pressure, above the surface and below.

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