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All our customers are automatically assigned a transferable three-year limited international warranty beginning from the date of purchase. There’s no pesky card you have to carry around — your warranty info is associated with your order number and is saved in our system from the moment you checkout.

You’re covered for three years in the case of any material or manufacture defects, but NOT…

  • Damage resulting from drunken misdemeanors, attack from ferocious wild animals or domestic cats, normal wear and tear, accidental impact, deliberate impact (how could you!) or negligence, including but not limited to scratches, chipping of the crystal, or wearing of DLC coatings.

  • Water damage resulting from failure to secure screw-down crowns. We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claims against water damage if our pressure tests indicate that the watch's hermetic seals haven't been compromised — though we’ll probably still help you out because we love showing off our first-class customer service skills. 

If you’d like to file a warranty claim, send an email to