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Reference Points

The Commuter

2020: 1st Generation

(Ref. 3201)

The Commuter’s vintage proportions and durable frame blur the lines between formal and casual, making it a sure choice for all occasions.

2021: 2nd Generation

(Ref. 3202)

The Commuter’s second iteration introduces a no-date variant with a true no-date movement, along with several functional design improvements. The internal portion of the bezel now slopes inward, reducing the dial openings by 1.2 millimeters in diameter. This significantly enhances the legibility of the minute markers and results in greater symmetry by reducing the negative space beneath the date window.

2023: 3rd Generation

(Ref. 3203)

The final realization of the Commuter makes a good thing better thanks to our revolutionized boxed sapphire crystal design, which has allowed us to slim the case down from 11.2mm to just 10.55mm (including the raised crystal), resulting in superior ergonomics and aesthetic appeal. With a completely redesigned case, chamfered hour markers, and a whole symphony of subtle yet harmonious design tweaks to the hands, dial, and beyond, the Commuter has arrived.