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Quick-Adjust Clasp

Sale price$50.00 USD

Changing weather, long flights, intense exercise, drinking too much — these can all cause your wrist to expand and contract throughout the day. Normally, it's not worth it to take off your watch and resize the bracelet using a push pin or some other primitive tool, so you're left with a watch that's either too loose or too tight. Those days are over thanks to our new tool-less micro-adjustable clasp. Effortlessly adjust the size across five 1.5 mm increments with the push of a button. Now featured on all core-collection TRASKA watches and compatible with all prior models released from 2023 onwards.

Includes two additional half-links to ensure a comfortable fit for every wrist.

Back in stock April 22!


Like every other millimeter of stainless steel on our watches, the quick-adjust clasp is fortified by our signature hardening process. This makes for the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and resilience that elevates the experience of wearing one of our watches. Simply push down where indicated with one hand, and pull the bracelet with the other to make your bracelet larger. To make it smaller, just push the bracelet links into the clasp one click at a time – no need to push the button when decreasing the bracelet’s length.

Easy to adjust and easy to install. To add the new quick-adjust clasp to your watch, all you need is a 1.6mm flat head screwdriver. The process for removing the old one and adding the new one is identical to that of adding and removing bracelet links. Simply remove the screws closest to either side of the existing clasp, swap the old one with the new one, and screw them back in. Consider using one, two, or neither of the half links provided to find the ultimate fit.