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Reference Points


2018: 1st Generation

(Ref. 1181)

The Freediver launches TRASKA into the world, rendering in solid steel our vision of a watch that unites vintage aesthetics with contemporary engineering.

2019: 2nd Generation

(Ref. 1182)

The success of the initial Freediver launch means we can take the second iteration to another level: Water resistance doubles to 200 meters. The case sides, hands, and applied indices are redesigned. We swap out the sapphire crystal bezel inserts to ceramic for a more durable wearing experience.

2020: 3rd Generation

(Ref. 1183)

Switching to a Miyota movement — now a staple of the TRASKA range — allows for a thinner case, which facilitates a whole host of other minor and major tweaks, significantly enhancing the aesthetics and wearing experience.

2021: 4th Generation

(Ref. 1184)

Great strides in legibility bring the Freediver to its fourth iteration: Maxi-style applied markers make the dial sharper, fully graduated hash markers allow for elapsed time to be read with greater precision, and the new handset seamlessly blends the trapezoidal and circular design elements of the dial and bezel together.

2023: 5th Generation

(Ref. 1185)

Five years of constant development bring the Freediver to its fifth and (almost definitely) final iteration. While it may look similar to Gen. 4 at a quick glance, closer inspection reveals a symphony of aesthetic and functionality improvements that close the loop on a design vision that has impelled TRASKA from day one. A new locking mechanism enhances bracelet security, while the now fully CNC-machined push buttons provide a more premium tactile feel. A sharper coin-edged finish on the bezel produces superior grip, with a crisper, more precise turn thanks to the re-engineered bezel assembly. Requiring twice the production time, our new style of boxed sapphire crystal allows for significantly enhanced case ergonomics that harmonize form and function into the Freediver we have always been striving for.