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Venturer GMT Bottle Green

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An increasingly interconnected world demands resilience, sophistication, and the ability to navigate multiple challenges at once. Thanks to an independently adjustable hour hand, you can quickly adapt to a new timezone the moment you land on the runway. And with an additional hour hand circling around the dial once every 24 hours, keeping track of the time at home has never been easier. Ruggedly endowed with 150 meters of water resistance and TRASKA’s signature scratch-resistant stainless steel and sapphire crystal, this traveler’s GMT is unfazed by adventure and ready for the unknown.

Coming in September


All of our watches are made from 316L surgical-grade stainless steel. This typically measures 200HV on the Vickers hardness scale; however, after our signature hardening treatment is applied, we are able to achieve a hardness rating of almost 1200HV. With this additional protection against the typical scratches and swirls that otherwise occur all too often during the rigors of everyday life, you can wear our watches without worry, using them like the robust tools they’re intended to be.

Cut from synthetic sapphire and measuring 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, the Venturer’s crystal is virtually impervious to scratches. Colloquially referred to as a “box style” crystal, its design is reminiscent of the plexiglass crystals that graced watches from a bygone era. This particular sapphire crystal also boasts a thick layer of clear anti-reflective coating on the underside — eliminating glare for easy reading even under direct sunlight.

The Venturer makes use of a lacquered dial to achieve its glossy finish. The brass dial blanks are first sprayed using an enamel paint before going into a specialized high-temperature oven, after which they are hand polished until a lustrous sheen has been realized. The faceted hour indexes are meticulously filled with Swiss Made BGW9 Super-LumiNova and then hand-applied with maximum precision. Placed strategically at the 6-hour position, the date window features its own distinctive polished frame, which complements the overall design of the dial.

Take in an additional time zone at a glance with the Venturer’s distinctive internal rotating bezel. Use the screw-down crown at the 10 o’clock position to adjust the luminescent Arabic numerals to correspond with the time difference you want to account for.

The multi-faceted diamond-cut hands slope up on either side and then taper off to a flat plane with brushed finishing, creating a subtle visual effect that is pleasing even when not consciously registered. Filled with Swiss Made BGW9 Super-LumiNova, the strong luminescence makes for easy reading even in dim light.

Water resistant to 150 meters and hewn from a solid block of 316L stainless steel, the Venturer’s case is treated with TRASKA’s signature hardening process to enhance its resilience to scratches and scuffs. Polished chamfers run parallel along the case sides, with visual interest further stimulated by the slightly convex nature of the mirror-polished mid-case.

Complimentary brushing techniques work in harmony to give the fixed stainless steel bezel an even balance of splendor and restraint. Sunburst brushing on the top gently teases the eye, while a mirror polished chamfer on its outermost perimeter adds just the right amount of glitz.

The screw-down crown at the 10-hour position operates the internal rotating bezel used to display an additional time zone of your choosing. While the overall aesthetic is similar to the time-setting crown, an embossed globe motif replaces the logo on the outermost surface in a nod to its intended function.

The screw-down crown used for setting the time and date at the 3-hour position exhibits a high-polished chamfer separating the coin-edged portion from the embossed TRASKA logo on the outermost surface.

Powered by the fresh-to-market Miyota 9075 movement, the Venturer features a true traveler’s GMT complication. An additional hour hand sweeps smoothly around the dial over the course of 24 hours, keeping track of the time at home while the independently adjustable local hour hand can be easily set to the timezone of your newest destination. Automatically wound by the motion of the wearer, the Japanese-made caliber oscillates at 28,800 beats per hour and features a 42-hour power reserve. A 24 jeweled, hand-windable movement with hacking, date and GMT complications, the 9075 will continue to tick for generations with proper care and periodic servicing.

All of our movements are regulated in four positions for enhanced timekeeping tolerances. This process involves manually adjusting the length of the mechanical movement’s hairspring, fine-tuning it to keep even better time than what their manufacturer advertises. After regulation in four positions, the 9 series will typically run between -10 to +20 seconds a day.

Forged from 316L stainless steel and tapering from 20mm to 16mm, the bracelet’s solid and fully articulating links echo designs from the Swiss bracelet purveyor Gay Frères. Made with a rigorous lifestyle in mind, the robust bracelet has undergone the same proprietary hardening process as the case. Precisely machined from stainless steel, the buckle exhibits polished chamfers on either side. The inside of the clasp is painstakingly hand polished with a perlage finish — because even the smallest of details matter.

Effortlessly adjust the size of your bracelet and get the perfect fit at all times thanks to our tool-less micro-adjustable buckle. With 5 different positions spaced 1.5mm apart, you can make your bracelet incrementally smaller or larger with the push of a button. No screwdrivers. No screws. No frustration. Oh, and it includes two additional half-links to ensure a comfortable fit for every wrist!

Our genuine leather travel case stays true to the utilitarian nature of the TRASKA brand. We value form; but not at the expense of function. Even when traveling light is a necessity, this leather pouch is small enough to go with you and ensure the safety of your timepiece. This isn’t packaging that will gather dust in the closet — it’s an elegant yet practical accessory you’ll want to travel with wherever you go.